FoAN (Canada) gratefully accepts donations to fund our work. Tax receipts will be issued on receipt of all donations.

Cash or Canadian Tire Money

For cash donations, please use our form to donate online.

Please send cheque or Canadian Tire Money donations to:

Marilyn Flynn
Treasurer FoAN (Canada)
24 Old Mill Terrace
Toronto, ON
M8X 1A2

This money could be used for items needed to support the volunteers and/ or participants. We also accept donations of medical equipment. Please read below for more information about different items you can donate to FoAN.

Books or Journals:


Disposable items:
Please limit disposable items only to those listed below

Please note: Shipping is your responsibility. Once you have collected a reasonable amount of items for donation, please contact our Secretary for the shipping address of a participating hospital to receive them. A bake sale is a great way to collect the money for postage, or you can donate the shipping costs yourself.

Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!