Purposes & Activities

Ice Breaker exercise
Jean with 2 Botswana Nurses
Nurses in Botswana
Nurses in Botswana

Friends of African Nursing (Canada) exists to promote and support education and training relating to perioperative nursing practice in Africa by:

Specifically, the Purposes of FoAN (Canada) are:

  1. To advance the education of African perioperative nurses and others working in the field by providing programs or workshops
    Deliver or provide educational programs to perioperative nurses in Africa, including continuing education and leadership modules
    Provide bursaries for African perioperative nurses to attend programs provided or supported by FoAN (Canada). To qualify for a bursary, an African nurse will demonstrate that without financial support, she/he is unable to attend an educational program
    Provide educational resources such as textbooks, manuals and workbooks to support educational programs
    Collaborate with similarly-minded national and international nursing organizations and charities to deliver educational programs
  2. To improve perioperative patient care in Africa through education, resulting in improved public health for both patients and nurses
    Educate perioperative nurses on infection control practices suitable for their setting, thereby improving public health
    Provide personal protective equipment to nurses attending educational programs, to prevent the spread of diseases such as AIDS
    Raise awareness of issues facing African perioperative nurses, such as AIDS
  3. To provide not-for-profit hospitals or clinics with surgical or medical equipment
    Provide a conduit for ethical donations of surgical or medical equipment
    Raise financial or other resources to transport donated surgical or medical equipment to Africa