Application Requirements for African Project Volunteers

  1. Be or become a member of FoAN (Canada) - $20 per person per year
  2. Be a Registered Nurse with the following:
    • 10 or more years experience within the perioperative field
    • a proven ability to think outside the box
    • the ability to cope in difficult and unusual situations
    • teaching and presentation skills
  3. Provide the following personal information:
    1. Curriculum vitae or résumé
    2. Letter outlining:
      • reasons why you want to go to Africa with FoAN (Canada)
      • what professional development you expect to get from the experience, and what you expect to take back to your workplace
      • particular areas of expertise with regard to curriculum
      • what you believe you would be able to contribute
  4. Agree to an interview, in person or over the phone.
  5. Personally raise a minimum $500 donation. These funds would be directly added to the total funds FoAN (Canada) designates for the project you will participate in.
  6. Provide a $1,000 non-refundable deposit prior to the visit (date deposit required will be determined by FoAN (Canada)). These funds will be allocated to your travel expenses for the visit. In the event that you are unable to participate in the visit for any reason, the deposit will be considered a donation to FoAN (Canada).
  7. Be able to work as a team member:
    • cooperative
    • take direction, advice and/or criticism
    • provide suggestions when you feel it is appropriate
    • be able to work and live in often simple, basic living conditions
    • be safe always, for yourself, your team members, and the people whom you are helping
    • always remember that you and the team are there for the nurses you are helping and not for yourself
  8. Provide a detailed report on your experience, in written and oral form and submit all expenses (during the project) using provided expense form, original receipts only and a copy of your credit card statement, if necessary.
  9. Be prepared to talk and/or present your experience with future volunteers.
  10. Demonstrate that you have your own personal travel and health insurance for travel outside Canada. Be responsible for obtaining and paying for any immunizations required for the visit.
  11. Be prepared to sign “Waiver and Release of Liability” form before departure on Project.

If you meet or agree to the above requirements, we welcome you to apply for an opportunity to share knowledge and skills with colleagues in Africa.